November 15, 2023

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Tricia Muehlbauer, Executive Director

 PO Box 7585 Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7585
Telephone: 719-291-5545; Fax: 719-213-2693
Email: director@csea.biz
Website: www.csea.biz

The information herein is privileged and is furnished by and for the members of the Colorado Springs Executives
Association. Any claim of damage resulting from others having access hereto is the sole responsibility of the
members or firm permitting such and is not the responsibility of the Association. Information in the newsletter has
been obtained and listed with care from sources deemed reliable, but its correctness is not guaranteed.

Current Board of Directors:-Jenn Kolk, President; Tara Irons-Past President; Chris Waldron-Vice President; Stephanie Horton-Secretary; Diana Thate Treasurer; Todd Matia; Larry Blevins; Karen Heun; Kody Miller

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November 22, 2023



November 15, 2023

Thank you to John Cole, Honorary member for El Paso County, for today’s
informative presentation on the collection of hazardous materials from the household
level, and starting in January, small amounts from a business level!  Contact John for more information.  I will post information he sends me, as a follow up to today’s meeting!





KC Spencer– Jeff Schnabel, Spartan Management Regional Manager

Diana Thate-Sally, ADDA


BIRTHDAYS between Nov. 15 and December 5:

November 18-Kody
Miller, Guaranteed Rate

November 19-Chris
Sommer, Sunny Vista Living Center and Janet Burns, Retired Member

November 23-Larry
Blevins, American Business Brokers, 
Dr. Joe Wilson, A Healthy Smile Dental Center and Cathy D’Agostino,
Retired Member

December 3-Paul
Hasty, Tint Technologies and Mike Eschler, Windshields Express

December 5-Kelly
Shaffer, ADD STAFF


Doorprize:  Congrats to Kody Miller who won today’s $25
Execs gift cert from the County.







Notes from your executive director:

 At last week’s board of directors meeting, the board:


Primary membership
for KC Spencer, Colorado Water and Mold Restoration, Category-Water
& Mold Restoration.  KC is sponsored by Todd Matia, Harvey Investment Mgmt. Thank you, Todd, for sponsoring KC!  And, KC, welcome to Execs!  We are so happy to have you as a new member!


Primary membership
for Paul Hasty, Tint Technologies. Category-Window Tinting.  Paul is sponsored by Angie Peters, City Glass. 
Thank you Angie, for sponsoring Paul. And welcome back, Paul!


Opened the category of Human Resources for Sally Avent, ADDA Infusion. 
Sally has submitted a Primary member application.  She is sponsored by Diana Thate, Payroll City.  Should you know of anyone who
might like to compete for this category, please bring them as a guest.  As always, it is the practice of CSEA to bring in the best in class in each category. 
Competition is good!


Approved Associate membership for Brittnie Seip, Best Western Plus Fillmore Inn. 
Welcome, Brittnie!  We are thrilled to have you as a new Associate member!


Our holiday party is going to be at the El Paso Club on Nov. 30!  MAKE SURE you RSVP BY NOVEMBER 20!  This party requires
an RSVP as we have to call in a headcount ahead of time!  Thank you. (See invitation on our website or


  1. ‘The Lightning Agency’ has purchased and moved into the old television building at Pikes Peak and 7th St. (SPENCER SWAN)

BUSINESS INFORMATION (information pertaining to members’ businesses):

  1. Gift cards to STRATA Spa at GOG Club is a great holiday gift idea. (MIKE GARROW)
  2. Winter is the best time to do your interior painting because TECC Painting is offering 10% off up to $1,000. This offer is through winter. Call 719-577-9300 for a proposal. Also, TECC Painting is a drop off location for paint recycle. 6650 Vincent Dr. 80918. You can search TECC Painting located at Woodmen and I-25 on Google for a Google Map. (TONY ELLIS)
  3. Don’t forget that all Execs members get 10% off at both locations of Furry Friends Inc! (BILL HUFFOR)
  4. We are currently expanding operations to help with increased work. Pipes are freezing causing them to crack and flood homes. This is one of our main services. If you know anyone this winter who has this issue, please reach out. We work with home insurance. **Tip: Make sure you are disconnecting your hoses and letting them drain. If you don’t it can cause a break to happen.
  5. If you want to do a complimentary financial review coming into the end of the year, please let me know. (TODD MATIA)
  6. I’m filling in for Jon Taylor with the Switchbacks. Announcement: 12/2 Ziggy/Santa Extravaganza with Salvation Army. (BAILEY COOK)
  7. Get your Thanksgiving wines or beer or whiskey at Coaltrain. We always have great wine
    recommendations for your dinner. (PEGGY MCKINLAY)
  8. 5.65% APY 11-month CD offer expires 11.25.23! New dollars to Ent. Also, 3-5-month with 5.00% APY
    and 6-11-month with 5.20% APY. (This one, is not expiring and is for new
    or existing dollars.)  (CANDY VANDENBERG)


  1. Jonmarc, please call; let’s make lunch happen. 719-499-3710. (TONY ELLIS)
  2. Mike Eschler, I need to get a price on a windshield. I’ll call you. (MARK COPELIN)
  3. Kevin Holt give me a call at 719-338-6545.  (ALICE ROBINSON)


  1. Come support the Fountain Job’s Daughters on Saturday Dec. 2nd from 7:30am-10am; all you can eat breakfast for $10. Call my cell if you want directions 719-424-0764. (CHRIS PELOSO)
  2. Saturday November 18th, the 8th annual Cowboy Christmas auction will be at Latigo! (SPENCER SWANN)

DIRECT LEADS (when you yourself do business w/ a member or someone you referred to a member does business with that member) AND REFERRALS:

  1. Direct lead to Angie with City Glass. (KODY MILLER)
  2. Direct lead to Candy with Ent. I want to talk about your 11-month! (KODY MILLER)
  3. Direct lead to Michael Krueger for a job on a rental I manage.  (TRICIA MUEHLBAUER)
  4. Direct lead to Mark Rohn. (STEVE NYRHINEN)
  5. Direct lead to Kolk Agency. (STEVE NYRHINEN)
  6. Direct lead to Todd Matia. (STEVE NYRHINEN)
  7. Direct lead to Garden of the Gods Club for me! (DON MOON)
  8. Direct lead to Coaltrain. (CAROLINE FLEMING)
  9. Direct lead to Advanced Impressions. (CAROLINE FLEMING)
  10. Direct lead to Waldrons Family Studio. I referred a local injury attorney to you for profile photos. (ALLAN TODD)
  11. Direct lead to American Printing. (TARA IRONS)
  12. Direct lead to Mark Peniston. (DIANA THATE)
  13. Direct lead to Michael Krueger. (DIANA THATE)
  14. Direct lead to Ent…ongoing business account. (EDDIE HURT)
  15. Direct lead to Spencer Swann. (MAT LAFLEUR)
  16. Direct lead to SANDIA. (MIKE GARROW)
  17. Direct lead to Sasquatch Cookies. (MIKE ESCHLER)
  18. Direct lead to Peggy with Coaltrain. Thank you for the wine box with goodies that Meagan put together for me for a special client. We will need more for the holidays. (TONY ELLIS)


  1. Employment opportunity: We are looking for front desk/admin support for the upcoming tax season. If you know of anyone, please email mark.peniston@mjpenistoncpa.com. (MARK PENISTON)


  1. Kudos to the Sheriff Department! (STEVE NYRHINEN)   
  2. The Open House at John Gatto’s Best Western was a great event. (LARRY BLEVINS)           


  1. Thanks Spencer for the leatherman. (STEVE NYRHINEN)
  2. Thank you Kevin Holt for the reference to have some jewelry looked at. (DIANA
  3. Dan, thanks for the work on the brakes! (TODD MATIA)
  4. Thank you to Todd Matia for recommending me to your client. (CARISSA SMITH)
  5. Thanks to Joe Wilson for going the extra mile. (LARRY BLEVINS)
  6. Thanks to Colorado Canyon Signs. (JOE WILSON)
  7. Thank you American Printing and Copying for the business cards. (PAUL HASTY)
  8. Thank you City Glass. (PAUL HASTY)
  9. Thank you CSEA for allowing me to be a member. (PAUL HASTY)
  10. Thanks Chris for the new cards. (SPENCER SWANN)
  11. Thanks Eddie Hurt for the project sign for ‘The Villas at Skyway’. (SPENCERSWANN)


  1. Happy birthday everyone! (KODY MILLER)
  2. Welcome new members. (TARA IRONS)
  3. Congrats Trevor Dierdorff on your new grand baby. (TARA IRONS)
  4. Trevor, looking forward to chatting about Amnet today, but only if we can make sure there is no sweet potato casserole. (TODD MATIA)
  5. Welcome KC, Carissa and Paul! (TODD MATIA)
  6. Looking forward to the holiday party with all of you! (TODD MATIA)
  7. My family is excited to stay at the Best Western Plus for a week later this year. (TODD MATIA)
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all Execs! Enjoy your time with family and friends. (BRENDA SPEER)
  9. Happy birthday Execs! (MICHAEL GARNER)
  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Go skiing! (MIKE LLOYD)
  11. Great to see Steve Nyrhinen here today. (LARRY BLEVINS)
  12. Great job Spencer! (JOE WILSON)
  13. Happy Birthday Execs! (SPENCER SWANN)
  14. Welcome to our new members! Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Execs and your families! (TERRENCE VANSANT)
  15. Jeff Metzler(?) I need a quote on a commercial garage door. Also we miss seeing you at Execs! (DOUG BERWICK)
  16. Sorry to have missed Angie Peter’s presentation last week…Make a Wish Foundation helped a friend over twenty years ago who
    had cancer by sending him with his family to Disney in Orlando.  So glad to have another nonprofit make a difference in so many lives. Paulette Greenberg, Founder of The Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance. (PAULETTE GREENBERG)
  17. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey with family and friends like we’ll be doing.  Looking forward to the annual CSEA holiday dinner next month.  It’ll be nice to catch up with so many of my friends. (PAULETTE GREENBERG)


  1. The Denver Gift Show is still going on, but not at the Denver Mart. Many of my vendors who I used for my now closed business, Signed, Sealed and Delivered Buying Service, still contact me and ask me to come to hotels where they are holding gift shows, mainly in Denver. Nice to be remembered in such a positive way. (PAULETTE GREENBERG)
  2. Spencer’s market is gearing up for the holidays. The candy room is up and running. We have poinsettias in stock and plan to have our first Christmas trees on Sunday or Monday. Hours for Spencers are 9 to 5 Monday through Saturday. We will be open on Sundays after Thanksgiving. (ALICE ROBINSON)


  1. None


  1. Great presentation! Thank you! (KODY MILLER)
  2. Thank you John for an interesting and informative presentation. (BRENDA SPEER)
  3. Thanks for sharing, John! (MICHAEL GARNER)
  4. Very interesting program. (LARRY BLEVINS)
  5. Follow-up to today’s presentation, please contact me for further information on our new VSQG program. (JOHN COLE)
  6. Thank you for the presentation. (MIKE GARROW)