December 6, 2023 Newsletter

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Tricia Muehlbauer, Executive Director

 PO Box 7585 Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7585
Telephone: 719-291-5545; Fax: 719-213-2693
Email: director@csea.biz
Website: www.csea.biz

The information herein is privileged and is furnished by and for the members of the Colorado Springs Executives
Association. Any claim of damage resulting from others having access hereto is the sole responsibility of the
members or firm permitting such and is not the responsibility of the Association. Information in the newsletter has
been obtained and listed with care from sources deemed reliable, but its correctness is not guaranteed.

Current Board of Directors:-Jenn Kolk, President; Tara Irons-Past President; Chris Waldron-Vice President; Stephanie Horton-Secretary; Diana Thate Treasurer; Todd Matia; Larry Blevins; Karen Heun; Kody Miller

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December 13, 2023

Come next week to the annual Coaltrain presentation!

They will be sampling four types of whiskey and will finish off with the Twelve Days of Christmas song, as is tradition!  Which table will do the best job?!  Come be a part of it and see!



December 6, 2023

Thank you to Jim Smith for today’s presentation on Pikes Peak Kiwanis and how Kiwanis worked in conjunction with CSEA member, Greccio Housing, to complete another successful Thanksgiving basket giveaway!

Thank you Jim for your your beautiful heart and for sharing the successful

wrap up with us!





Carissa Smith– Kevin Forbush

Jay Gust– Sebatim Ertelt, Tom Kading

Jenn Kolk-Ash, Brightway Insurance



December 9-Tyler Walters, Best Western Plus Fillmore Inn


Congrats to Karen Heun who won a $25 Execs gift certificate from Jim Smith!





Notes from your executive director:

 At last month’s board meeting, the board opened the category of Human Resources for Sally Avent, ADDA Infusion.  She is sponsored by Diana Thate, Payroll City.  Should you know of anyone who might like to compete for this category, please bring them as a guest.  As always, it is the practice of CSEA to bring in the best in class in each category.  Competition is good!  Voting will take place at next week’s board meeting, after breakfast.

Thank you to those who attended our holiday party!  (97 people)  We had a wonderful time.  If you weren’t able to come, plan on it next year!  I have invoiced for the party guests on today’s invoices. 


Contribute to the El Paso Club holiday fund here.  Please make your contribution by Dec. 17 if you plan to contribute.  I will invoice on the January invoice as I won’t know who all is contributing until December 17 and have already billed this month.  Thank you to those that stepped up today and donated!  This is a great way to thank the El Paso Club servers (all of them!) who so exceptionally take care of us each and every week!


Our next board elections will take place on Dec. 20, the final meeting of the year!  As soon as I have the complete slate of nominees, I will publish it.  Thank you to those who have agreed to run so far!


There will be no meeting on December 27, 2023.  Please make note of it. 

Next week is Coaltrain (yahoo!) and then the following week, will be our board elections and a fun exercise in ‘speed dating’ so we can try to mix things up a bit!




  1. Rocky Mountain Eye Center in Pueblo is updating their facilities. Ask for Nick. (DAVID HORWITZ)

BUSINESS INFORMATION (information pertaining to members’ businesses):

  1. Don’t forget you get a 10% discount on all your holiday gifts! Come by and get a cup of cider or coffee and do some shopping! (LISA COE)
  2. Next week is our annual Christmas presentation. Alan Laws from A.D. Laws (a fantastic whiskey producer out of Denver) will be our guest. We’ll be showing some really cool gift ideas so save some of your Christmas shopping til you see some of these. (JIM LITTLE)
  3. If you have heard of the new ‘dog virus’ going around, here is what you need to know. There have been ZERO cases out of grooming salons and ZERO cases from boarding facilities where dogs are not co-mingled. At Furry Friends and Stubby’s we NEVER co-mingle dogs! (BILL HUFFOR)
  4. It’s gift-giving season and cookies make a great, easy gift. We are offering special packages for Christmas. (BROOKE ORIST)
  5. The recent snow has opened up a lot more terrain at Colorado ski areas. Get geared up at Christy Sports. Season rentals are running low at Christy Sports. Come in soon to get kids and grandkids ready for skiing. (MIKE LLOYD)
  6. Our new customers are City Rock Church, Family Worship Church in Pueblo, and Colorado Springs Charter Academy. (DAVID HORWITZ)
  7. Sadly, I will be leaving Execs because I am leaving The Gazette in mid-February. I am looking forward to the future, but I am sad to leave the group (after mid-Feb). I’m hoping to help a new biz reporter transition into Execs before I leave; please let me know if you know anyone interested. (JESSY VAN DYNE)


  1. None


  1. December 19th Community Wine Dining at Pizzeria Rustica benefiting Westside CAM. Call Coaltrain for RSVP. NYE Dinner at TAPAteria. Call 719-471-8272 for RSVP. (JAY GUST)
  2. A Rally to Support Israel sponsored and organized by Ivan Zador and Manuel Weiss will be held Sunday, December 10th from 2-3 at the Colorado Springs City Hall, 107 N. Nevada. (PAULETTE GREENBERG)

DIRECT LEADS (when you yourself do business w/ a member or someone you referred to a member does business with that member) AND REFERRALS:

  1. Direct lead to Spencer Swann for a car wrap. (KAREN HEUN)
  2. Direct lead to Paul Hasty, Tint Technologies. (SPENCER SWANN)
  3. Direct lead to Jim and Peggy at Coaltrain. (SPENCER SWANN)
  4. Direct lead to Picnic Basket. (DIANE INGOLIA)
  5. Direct lead to CO Canyon Signs. (DIANE INGOLIA)
  6. Direct lead to City Glass. (DIANE INGOLIA)
  7. Direct lead to Coaltrain. (TARA IRONS)
  8. Direct lead to Coaltrain Wine and Spirits. (MIKE ESCHLER)
  9. Direct lead to Candy at Ent…help! Fraudulent transaction. (GREG SWARTZ)
  10. Direct lead to Karen at Advanced Impressions for bags with Swartz background. (GREG SWARTZ)
  11. Direct lead to Sasquatch Cookies. Looking for staff gift boxes. (MIKE GARROW)
  12. Direct lead to Furry Friends grooming. (MAT LAFLEUR)
  13. Direct lead to Colorado Canyon Signs. (Mat LAFLEUR)
  14. Direct lead to Windshields Express. Thanks for fixing my daughter’s windshield. (JOE WILSON)
  15. Direct lead to Sasquatch Cookies. (DON MOON)
  16. Direct lead to Ent; thanks Candy! We opened a CD. (DANA ROCHA)
  17. Direct lead to Garden of the Gods Resort. Taking my team for our Christmas brunch tomorrow. (JP WEST)


  1. We are possibly looking for a new CPA for our company. Our current CPA is headquartered out of Seattle and would like to find someone more local. (KC SPENCER)
  2. If anyone knows someone looking for a job in communications/marketing, please let me know. (DANA ROCHA)


  1. Great job El Paso Club staff. Food and service was great!! (JAY GUST)     
  2. The CSEA Holiday Party was wonderful. Thank you to Trish for all of your hard work to make the party WONDERFUL.  It was great seeing so many of my friends and meeting the new members of the CSEA.  Glad they all read our leads!!!  What a wonderful way to start the New Year!!! (PAULETTE GREENBERG)          


  1. Thanks to Krueger Bros for reaching out for an order. (KAREN HEUN)
  2. Thanks to Angie Peters at City Glass for the order of hoodies. (KAREN HEUN)
  3. Thanks to all for the great holiday party. Terrific time and food was great. (SPENCER SWANN)
  4. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas/holiday party. (TARA IRONS)
  5. Thank you City Glass Co. (MIKE ESCHLER)
  6. Dan, Adam and Son-Thank you for looking at our truck. (GREG SWARTZ)
  7. Thanks to all of our Execs patients. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. (JOE WILSON)
  8. Thank you Tricia for the GREAT Christmas party. (DON MOON)
  9. Thank you to Trish, the board and the El Paso Club for a great holiday party! (TERRENCE VANSANT)
  10. Thanks for the decals, Spencer. (TERRENCE VANSANT)
  11. Jim Smith-thank you for all you do. You really make an impact on our world. (NANCY KELLY)
  12. Thanks Jesse for letting us write your insurance. (JENN KOLK)
  13. Dan Adam, thanks to your team, specifically Daniel and Sean. We appreciate the quality service. (TODD MATIA)
  14. Jim and Peggy, thanks for the holiday cheer! (TODD MATIA)
  15. Thanks Jenn, Tara and Kody for the collab time at the GOG Club! (TODD MATIA)
  16. Michael Krueger, thanks for your rapport of my wife and her program in Kissing Camels. (TODD MATIA)
  17. Thank you Spencer for the auto tint lead. (PAUL HASTY)
  18. Thank you Jim Smith for food baskets for Kiwanis. (PAUL HASTY)
  19. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas party. Entertainment was amazing! (MARK PENISTON)
  20. Thanks to Jenn Kolk for the connection to better insurance. Also to Ash for making it all happen. (JESSE CARILLO)
  21. Thanks Jim Little! (MIKE LLOYD)
  22. Thanks for the wonderful Execs party last Thursday. (DAVID HORWITZ)


  1. Great Christmas party! (JOE WILSON)
  2. Great Christmas party last week. Thank you for putting that together. (MARK COPELIN)
  3. Mike at Christy’s, I need to stop by for a ski item this weekend. (MARK COPELIN)
  4. Happy Hanukkah to all Execs who celebrate the triumph of light! (TERRENCE VANSANT)
  5. Kevin Holt, call me re: Disney. 719-550-6382. (CANDY VANDENBERG)
  6. Merry Christmas Execs! (LISA COE)
  7. Great to see Jay Gust today! (JIM LITTLE)
  8. Great to meet with Mark Peniston CPA in the parking lot due to their building evacuation! You will be a ‘fun’ as well as numbers guy in Execs. (NANCY KELLY)
  9. Jesse, great to get together. Solid lunch and great company. (TODD MATIA)
  10. I enjoyed meeting all of your plus ones at the holiday party. Great group of people. (TODD MATIA)


  1. Anyone collect Disney? I have a lady that has over 1,000 ornaments. She says they are at least twenty plus years old. Call me at 719-960-6829. (KEVIN HOLT)
  2. I have an online auction going on right now. It’s an estate located in Rockrimmon. The auction starts closing at 6pm on Thursday December 7th. Load out will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This auction is online only. Please visit my website www.holtauction.com to gain access to the auction. Any questions, please call 719-960-6829. (KEVIN HOLT)
  3. The Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance had two wonderful “Giving Tuesdays”! There are so many nonprofits in Colorado Springs and your support was and is greatly appreciated.  Over two million people have seen our programs and exhibits and like I said, at a meeting a few weeks ago, our Mayor Yemi Mobolade, Governor Jared Polis and State Senator John Hickenlooper said to me and my husband, David, that they appreciate the programs that we have done educating the community and the world by inspiring and honoring the cultural dignity of all humanity. Never too late to donate at www.thegreenbergcenter.org. (PAULETTE GREENBERG)
  4. The Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah starts Thursday night.  It is the celebration of freedom and is celebrated for 8 days.  (PAULETTE GREENBERG)


  1. None


  1. The International President for Kiwanis lives in Woodland Park, Bert West. The previous president lives in Woodland Park as well, Mark Rabat. Both of these guys are special individuals and my friends! Thanks Jim for presenting. (SPENCER SWANN)
  2. Thank you for the presentation. (MIKE GARROW)
  3. Thanks to Lee Patke and Morgan Schneider for presenting today! (JIM SMITH)
  4. Thanks Jim for the info on Kiwanis. (CANDY VANDENBERG)