November 1, 2023

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Tricia Muehlbauer, Executive Director

 PO Box 7585 Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7585
Telephone: 719-291-5545; Fax: 719-213-2693
Email: director@csea.biz
Website: www.csea.biz

The information herein is privileged and is furnished by and for the members of the Colorado Springs Executives
Association. Any claim of damage resulting from others having access hereto is the sole responsibility of the
members or firm permitting such and is not the responsibility of the Association. Information in the newsletter has
been obtained and listed with care from sources deemed reliable, but its correctness is not guaranteed.

Current Board of Directors:-Jenn Kolk, President; Tara Irons-Past President; Chris Waldron-Vice President; Stephanie Horton-Secretary; Diana Thate Treasurer; Todd Matia; Larry Blevins; Karen Heun; Kody Miller


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November 8, 2023
Angie Peters, City Glass with guest presenter from Make A Wish Foundation
Watch for more information on the presentation in the next couple days!
Greeter-to be determined
November 1, 2023
Mike Eschler, Windshields Express
Mike Eschler-Windshields Express-shared how some of the new technology is changing auto glass replacement. He also shared how repairing your chip before it grows into a crack is a very viable option.  Thank you Mike, for your debut presentation.  We are thrilled to have you in Execs!

Diana Thate– Sally Amanda, ADDA Infusion-Fractional HR
Angie Peters-Paul Hasty, Tint Technologies
November 1, TODAY!-Angie Peters, City Glass and Mike Warner, Retired member
November 3-Trevor Dierdorff, Amnet

Notes from your executive director:
At last month’s board meeting, the board:
Opened the classification/category of ‘Water and Mold Restoration’ for KC Spencer, Colorado Water and Mold Restoration.  KC is sponsored by Todd Matia, Harvey Investment Management, Inc.  Should you know of any best in class water/mold restoration companies, please bring them as a guest to see if they would like to compete for the category.  Voting will take place at next week’s meeting.
Opened the classification/category of ‘Window Tinting’ for Paul Hasty, Tint Technologies.  Paul is sponsored by Angie Peters, City Glass.  Should you know of any best in class window tinting companies, please bring them as a guest to see if they would like to compete for the category.  Voting will take place at next week’s meeting.
SAVE THE DATE.  We will be having a holiday party on November 30.  I will send out the invite in the next few days!  Watch your inbox.  It will require an RSVP.  Happy hour will be from 6-7:30 and dinner at 7:30 at the El Paso Club! Watch for more details soon!

  1. Electrical Service of Colorado has been sold! (SPENCER SWANN)
BUSINESS INFORMATION (information pertaining to members’ businesses):
  1. Rare retail end cap unit adjacent to Old Chicago and Tinseltown movie theaters. 2700 sqft. (JOHN GATTO)
  2. Make sure you have a CO2 tester on each floor of your house and change fire alarms every ten years. (MIKE EDDE)
  3. Great fall running over the next three or four months. All weather ‘gear’ from The Colorado Running Company! Be sure to ask for your Execs discount! (JEFF TARBERT)
  4. Moving before and after the holidays is always stressful. If you or anyone you know will be moving during this time and need help, let me know. Consultations are free. (MAT LAFLEUR)
  5. A-Basin opened last weekend and Keystone opens today. We still have season rentals available at Christy Sports. (MIKE LLOYD)
  6. We are beginning to offer logo printed cookies. If you’re interested in a quote, let me know. (BROOKE ORIST)
  7. Having an office party? We’d love to work with you on recommending products and figuring out how much you will need. We deliver and can take back product that hasn’t been used. Call us at 719-475-9700. (JIM LITTLE)
  8. We just hosted an Italian wine tasting in our tasting room. Mario, a wine specialist with one of our distributors, came down from Denver to conduct the tasting and he was awesome. We do tastings often in our tasting room. The tastings are limited to twenty people and range in cost from $20-$65 per person depending on how expensive the wines we pour are. Call us for more info. (PEGGY MCKINLAY)
  9. Our 5.65% APY, 11-month CD has been extended. New money to Ent; please let me know how I can help you. (CANDY VANDENBERG)
  1. Ben time to review my health insurance. Give me a call. (DOUG BERWICK)
  1. None
DIRECT LEADS (when you yourself do business w/ a member or someone you referred to a member does business with that member) AND REFERRALS:
  1. Direct lead to James Smith, donation for Kiwanis Thanksgiving baskets x3. (GREG SWARTZ)
  2. Direct lead to Canyon Signs. (JOE WILSON)
  3. Direct lead to Windshields Express. (JOE WILSON)
  4. Direct lead to Ent, ongoing. (KAREN HEUN)
  5. Direct lead to Payroll City, ongoing. (KAREN HEUN)
  6. Direct lead to Adam and Son. (BRENDA SPEER)
  7. Direct lead to CO Canyon Signs. Wonderful work. Great price! (DIANE INGOLIA)
  8. Direct lead to City Glass. (DIANE INGOLIA)
  9. Direct lead to Sasquatch Cookies. Brooke, your mom is so cute! (DIANE INGOLIA)
  10. Direct lead to Greccio Housing. (ANGIE PETERS)
  11. Direct lead to Advanced Impressions. (ANGIE PETERS)
  12. Direct lead to Bernard at SANDIA. (MIKE GARROW)
  13. Direct lead to Scoop Creative. (JESS CARILLO)
  14. Direct lead to Mark Peniston, CPA. (JESS CARILLO)
  15. Direct lead to Bill with Furry Friends. Thank you for providing such yummy treats for Mutzu. (DIANA THATE)
  16. Direct lead to JP West with WestCo. (DIANA THATE)
  17. Direct lead to Jenn Kolk and JP West for insurance. (MARK PENISTON)
  18. Direct lead to Ent for a CD. Thanks Candy. (DOUG BERWICK)
  19. Direct lead to Larry Blevins. (SPENCER SWANN)
  20. Direct lead to Coaltrain. Bi-monthly coffee sweetener time again! (SPENCER SWANN)
  21. Direct lead to Mark Peniston with Rohn CPA Group. (KIM GRIFFIS)
  22. Direct lead to American Printing. (TARA IRONS)
  23. Direct lead to Sunny Vista. (LARRY BLEVINS)
  1. None
  1. None               
  1. Thanks for a great job on my windshield. (TERRENCE VANSANT)
  2. Kevin Holt, thanks for the heating lead. (MIKE EDDE)
  3. Thank you to Jenn Kolk for exceptional customer service. (GREG SWARTZ)
  4. Thank you to Mike Eschler and Windshields Express for the windshield. Excellent customer service. (GREG SWARTZ)
  5. Thanks again for hosting breakfast the last two weeks, Springs Rescue Mission and Garden of the Gods Club and Resort. (TODD MATIA)
  6. Thank you to all the Execs that came up for the Halloween display. (KEVIN HOLT)
  7. Karen, thanks for the awesome job on the embroidery work for my coat. Quality all the way. (KEVIN HOLT)
  8. Mike Edde, thanks for taking care of the furnace issue at my wife’s brother’s house. You’re the best. (KEVIN HOLT)
  9. Thanks for the referral, Dan! (JP WEST)
  10. Thanks for the referral, Mark! (JP WEST)
  11. Thank you Angie Peters for your orders. (KAREN HEUN)
  12. Thanks Kevin Holt for your order. (KAREN HEUN)
  13. Thank you Swartz Electric, Mike Lloyd, Kevin Holt, City Glass and Joe Wilson. (MIKE ESCHLER)
  14. Thank you Brooke for the cookies for the office. (BEN WOJCHIK)
  15. Thank you Todd Matia for the referral. (MARK PENISTON)
  16. Thank you Ben Wojchik for the referral. (MARK PENISTON)
  17. Thank you to the El Paso County Sheriff’s department for calling my wife to let her know her drivers license expired. (DOUG BERWICK)
  18. Thanks David Horwitz. The new towels now work. Thanks for upgrading me! (SPENCER SWANN)
  1. Jim and Peggy, do you sell ten-year Henry Mckenna? (TODD MATIA)
  2. Al Todd, InFront…starting a small business and need help building my website. (CHRIS SOMMER)
  3. Micheal at Krueger Brothers-talk to me about a new deck plan. (CHRIS PELOSO)
  4. Happy Birthday, Angie! (BRENDA SPEER)
  5. Looking forward to talking to Mark about my business finances. (JESS CARILLO)
  6. Good to see Tara’s mother, ‘Becky’. (SPENCER SWANN)
  7. Brooke- I need to order Sasquatch cookies! (CANDY VANDENBERG)
  8. Tara at PhilanthroCorp, let’s have coffee. (CANDY VANDENBERG)
  1. If you like to read, there is a great local author, Rebecca Yarros, who released her first fantasy fiction that is wonderful. It’s called Fourth Wing and her second book series comes out this month. The first series just got picked up by Amazon MGM Studios to develop into a show. (TARA IRONS)
  2. Pikes Peak Kiwanis Club is still looking for sponsors of Thanksgiving baskets for Greccio Housing families.  Our goal is 85 baskets this year.  The cost is $45 (up from $35 due to inflation).  We would appreciate your support again this year.  Last year 29 of you supported our efforts and we thank you!  See the flyer at the end of the newsletter and feel free to pass it along!  Or click here to donate! Thank you so much.  (JIM SMITH)  (See flyer at end of newsletter again.)
  1. None
  1. Great presentation Mike. (TERRENCE VANSANT)
  2. Great presentation, Mike! Let’s go golf…maybe next year. (TODD MATIA)
  3. Mike, great presentation and thanks so much for a great job on the replacement of my windshield on my Toyota Tacoma. (KEVIN HOLT)
  4. Mike-great program! (MIKE LLOYD)
  5. Thank you Mike for an educational presentation! (BRENDA SPEER)
  6. Thanks Mike. Sure learned some new stuff. Good job! (SPENCER SWANN)