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Scott Bradley

KCME Cheyenne Mountain Public Broadcast House Inc

Corporate Sponsorship / Jazz 93.5 FM Host http://www.KCME.org
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


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Yes, new underwriters receive additional broadcast spots.


About Me

I have always had a strong interest in broadcasting, and the arts more broadly, including fine art, film, photography, literature, etc. I have worked professionally on camera doing commercial, industrial, and print work, though nothing glamorous, and radio has always captured my attention. As a child I would spend hours with a transistor radio at night trying to pick up radio stations from cities several hours away. I’ve always liked the way radio, particularly community radio, leaves the door open for the imagination.

About My Company

Classical KCME 88.7 and Jazz 93.5 are public radio stations broadcasting music to southern Colorado and the front range, as well as streaming on-line. To best understand Public Radio, we must first understand the relationship between public radio listeners and underwriters. Public radio listeners are loyal, and they listen frequently. For some it’s the only radio station they listen to, and they financially support (their) stations because they feel a sense of ownership and responsibility; they recognize and trust the quality of the product being produced and delivered. In turn, they view corporate sponsors on their stations as possessing the same perspectives and values they do. They support those sponsors financially by purchasing their goods and services, and by referring others, which is an essential aspect of any business’s sustainment and growth. The community radio audience is reliable in ways commercial radio audiences are often not, as demonstrated through the consumer decisions they make. If you are a retail business, professional firm, or non-profit, and are not currently underwriting public broadcasting, you may be missing a primary business development opportunity. Community broadcast listeners tend to publicly and financially support the underwriters they hear about on the air, it’s that simple.