Hello members of CSEA,

There has been some Board discussion around the following section of the bylaws. The Board would like your opinion on this bylaw that states that a member cannot be in a conflicting group/organization. Please take the time to consider this bylaw and offer any feedback you have regarding it by April 7. The survey data collected can remain anonymous, if you so choose.

ARTICLE IV Membership, Section 2 - Any person of good character, successful and ethical business reputation, and stable financial condition, actually engaged in business in Colorado Springs or vicinity, is eligible to Primary Membership, unless such person or some other person in the organization maintains or holds membership in a conflicting group or organization.

This does not include service organizations, ie Rotary/Kiwanis, etc. OR networking groups like the BBB or Chambers of Commerce, but rather true LEADS groups such as BNI, Prospectors, Springs Best, etc

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey that will help our current Board of Directors better understand your opinions on this specific bylaw.  We appreciate you and your time!

~Tricia, on behalf of the Board of Directors:  Chris Waldron, President; Jenn Kolk-Past President; John Gatto-Vice President; Michael Garrow-Secretary;

Diana Thate-Treasurer; Todd Matia; Brooke Orist;
Stephanie Horton; Jesse Carillo