Execs Newsletter May 15, 2024

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Tricia Muehlbauer, Executive Director

 PO Box 7585 Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7585
Telephone: 719-291-5545; Fax: 719-213-2693
Email: director@csea.biz
Website: www.csea.biz

The information herein is privileged and is furnished by and for the members of the Colorado Springs Executives
Association. Any claim of damage resulting from others having access hereto is the sole responsibility of the
members or firm permitting such and is not the responsibility of the Association. Information in the newsletter has
been obtained and listed with care from sources deemed reliable, but its correctness is not guaranteed.

Current Board of Directors:-Jenn Kolk, President; Tara Irons-Past President; Chris Waldron-Vice President; Stephanie Horton-Secretary; Diana Thate Treasurer; Todd Matia; Larry Blevins; Karen Heun; Kody Miller

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May 22, 2024

Sally Avent, ADDA 

When Should You Outsource HR for Your Business?

This one’s for you, fellow business owners, who may be at the stage of wondering if you should outsource your HR. You’ve built your empire from the ground up, excelling in what you do best. But as you expand and hire more team members, the complexities of managing human resources start knocking on your door. The big question on your mind: “When should I bring in HR professionals?”

Come next week to hear from Sally in her debut presentation to Execs.  She will also share a little about herself as well as highlight 2024 compliance changes that are already in effect and coming down the pike.  

Greeter-to be determined

May 15, 2024

At Mayor Yemi’s presentation a couple weeks ago, there were several questions on ambulance service. Today, city leaders addressed this project more in depth.  We heard the whys and details about their pursuit of this effort, the benefit to our community and the vision for our future public safety. City guests included: Deputy Chief of Staff, Ryan Trujillo, Fire Chief Randy Royal and Deputy Fire Chief of Operations, Jamie McConnellogue as well as Thomas Thompson, Senior Advisor Community Affairs, Office of the Mayor.



Deputy Chief of Staff, Ryan


Fire Chief Randy Royal Deputy Fire Chief of Operations, Jamie McConnellogue 

Thomas Thompson, Senior Advisor Community Affairs, Office of the Mayor


Happy belated birthday to Brandon Kolk, May 11!  We forgot to mention him last week!

May 16-Karen Heun, Advanced Impressions

May 20-Jay Gust, Ascent Restaurant Group

May 21-Wayne Heilman, Retired

DOORPRIZE:  Congrats to Mike Eschler who won a $25 Execs gift certificate.

Notes from your executive director:

ANNUAL GRADUATE BREAKFAST!  May 29 will be our annual graduate recognition breakfast!  For those of you who are new and don’t know about this long standing tradition, here’s the scoop…Every year CSEA honors graduates of fellow Execs (spouses, children or grandchildren at the high school or college level. This includes associate, bachelor, masters and doctorate levels.)  Our presentation of the week will showcase these graduates.  Each graduate will be recognized, whether or not they are present, and will receive an Execs gift certificate.  Complete the graduate questionnaire here!  A gigantic thank you to Tara and Kody for emceeing this for the last several years!  I appreciate you!  (We all appreciate you!) 

SAVE THE DATE!  Execs will have our holiday party on December 5 at the Garden of the Gods Club.  There will be a charge for non-members (as usual) and a set of deadlines to follow for RSVP.  Watch for more information later, but put it on your calendar now!  :)


  1. Pikes Peak Perk is closing their doors. Last day is next Sunday. (KEVIN HOLT)

BUSINESS INFORMATION (information pertaining to members’ businesses):

  1. Please stop by Christy Sports and check out our great selection of quality outdoor furniture. (MIKE LLOYD)

  2. We are approaching moving season! If you or someone you know is looking to buy a home, I’m your guy…Cross Country Mortgage! (KODY MILLER)

  3. I have been making signs for Richard Holtorf CD #4 who is running against Lauren Bobert. I have also made campaign signs for Larry Liston Senate District 10, Dave Leinweber for County Commissioner and Brandy Williams for County Commissioner. (SPENCER SWANN)

  4. Colorado Springs Cleaning Supply is pleased to announce the following new customers: Big R (all 37 stores with facility supplies), Divine Redeemer Church and School (250 students, all new dispensers and supplies), KOAA (both COS and Pueblo offices). How can we help your company? (DAVID HORWITZ)

  5. Today is Amnet’s 26th birthday! (TREVOR DIERDORFF)

  6. We’ll be at the Garden of the Gods Market this weekend. Come see us! It’s at Rock Ledge Ranch Saturday and Sunday. (BROOKE (ORIST) MCKENZIE)

  7. Run, Walk, Hike! At The Colorado Running Company we have all great footwear to keep you meeting your exercise goals! Mention Execs to get your discount! (JEFF TARBERT)

  8. If anyone knows of a restaurant that could use locally grown micro greens, please let me know. 719-960-6829. (KEVIN HOLT)

  9. Fargo Patent and Business Law has hired a new assistant who will primarily support our patent division. Andrew Haberman will work out of the Fargo office. (SEBASTIAN ERTELT)

  10. Wildfire mitigation time! Black Forest slash/mulch program is open for the season. $10 per load of slash. Max length 6’. Max diameter 8”. May 18-Sept 21. Tuesday evenings 5-7:30pm, Thursdays 5-7:30pm, Saturday 7am-4pm, Sunday 12-4pm. BFSLASH.ORG. (JOHN COLE) 


  1. Michael Garrow, please give me a call regarding when we can meet with your chef about micro greens. 719-960-6829. (KEVIN HOLT)


  1. None

DIRECT LEADS (when you yourself do business w/ a member or someone you referred to a member does business with that member) AND REFERRALS:

  1. Direct lead to The Gazette. (MIKE ESCHLER)

  2. Direct lead to Wendy’s. (MIKE ESCHLER)

  3. Direct lead to Dr. Joe Wilson; I have an appointment May 20th. (JIM SMITH)

  4. Direct lead to CS Cleaning Supply (belated). Thanks David! (MIKE LLOYD)

  5. Direct lead to Coaltrain for wine! (DON MOON)

  6. Direct lead to Adam and Son for service on my car. (KODY MILLER)

  7. Direct lead to Ent Credit Union for a CD. (MIKE EDDE)

  8. Direct lead to Sasquatch. I need to place an order. (MIKE GARROW)

  9. Direct lead to Kevin Holt. Let’s connect with Chef. (MIKE GARROW)

  10. Direct lead to JP West and WestCo. Thanks for helping out Stephen! (JESSE CARILLO)

  11. Direct lead to Chris Peloso. I need to have company stickers designed and made. (PILAR CHAVARRIA)

  12. Direct lead to Paul Hasty. (ALLAN TODD)

  13. Direct lead to Furry Friends. I had to bribe my dogs; it worked. (CAROLINE FLEMING)

  14. Direct lead to The Happy Plumber, from Justin Forbis. (CHRIS WALDRON)

  15. Direct lead to Matt H. (TODD MATIA)

  16. Direct lead to Windshields Express. (SPENCER SWANN)

  17. Direct lead to Coaltrain. Thank you for the two great bottles of wine and the wine dinner at Pizzeria Rustica. (EDDIE HURT)

  18. Direct lead to Sasquatch Cookies. I would like to order about one hundred cookies. (DIANA THATE)

  19. Direct lead to Underline, ongoing customer. (CHRIS PELOSO)


  1. None


  1. Congratulations to Amnet for 26 years in business. (MARK COPELIN)                


  1. Thank you to Diana for an awesome one on one! (STEVEN HAVARD)

  2. Thank you Brightway Insurance. (MIKE ESCHLER)

  3. Thank you to Coaltrain for having so many wine options. I sent a few ladies over to find some wine and they loved it there! (AMANDA QUESADA)

  4. Thank you Michael Garrow and the staff of Garden of the Gods Club for a DELIGHTFUL Mother’s Day brunch!! (DON MOON)

  5. Mark C, thanks so much for checking info for the office furniture for me. (TODD MATIA)

  6. Thank you to all of you who have trusted me with your financial needs! I do not take that trust lightly. (TODD MATIA)

  7. Thanks Advanced Impressions, Tony and Karen. (SPENCER SWANN)

  8. Thank you Pilar Chavarria for the opportunity. (EDDIE HURT)


  1. Tony, I need a bid for stucco repair/paint at my house. (JP WEST)

  2. Don’t forget to submit your graduates!! (KODY MILLER)

  3. CSEA 9-hole golf outing 5/21 at 5pm, $50/person. RSVP to me by the end of day Friday. Call 707-331-9240. (MIKE GARROW)

  4. Drew, thanks for the continued time and effort to connect. (TODD MATIA)

  5. Michael G, thanks for the efforts in setting up the golf outing. (TODD MATIA)

  6. Angie with City Glass-I’m looking forward to our window glass repair. (KELLY SHAFFER)

  7. Good to be back and see the folks in this group. (RICK OGILVIE)

  8. Best of luck to David. Safe travels. (TERRENCE VANSANT)

  9. Welcome to CSEA, Steven. (TERRENCE VANSANT)

  10. Tony at TECC Painting, are you still needing those sit to stand desks? (MARK COPELIN)

  11. Todd Matia let me know if you want to get that item for your offices. (MARK COPELIN) 

  12. So good to see volunteer Don Moon at Visit COS.  He helped us to put together a packet of information about Colorado Springs for our nephew who will visit with his family for the first time this summer. He knows how to make people happy :) (PAULETTE GREENBERG)


  1. We were invited by Larry Mizel to the Annual Mizel Institute’s Event honoring Peyton Manning on Wednesday, May 22nd at 5pm at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center. Mayor Yemi Mobolade is an Honorary Event Chair. If anyone is going and would like to carpool, please contact me at 719-237-2676 or email me at dpgreenberg1@msn.com.  (PAULETTE GREENBERG)

  2. Sunday, May 5 was the Holocaust Commemoration Service of Remembrance program at Colorado College. It was sponsored by the Chaplain’s Office and Hillel. Rev Kate Holbrook was in charge of the program. The Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance was proud to have a table with stories of the Holocaust survivors who had lived in Colorado Springs. Polish Catholic Holocaust Survivor Gene Schwartz ,who had been in Auschwitz Concentration Camp with his family was the speaker.  (PAULETTE GREENBERG)


  1. None


  1. “EMS Enterprise”, thanks for updating…good idea…keep up the good work! (JIM SMITH)

  2. Good program this morning, very informative. (MARK COPELIN)

  3. Fire Department, great update. (JEFF TARBERT)