Execs Newsletter January 24, 2024

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Tricia Muehlbauer, Executive Director

 PO Box 7585 Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7585
Telephone: 719-291-5545; Fax: 719-213-2693
Email: director@csea.biz
Website: www.csea.biz

The information herein is privileged and is furnished by and for the members of the Colorado Springs Executives
Association. Any claim of damage resulting from others having access hereto is the sole responsibility of the
members or firm permitting such and is not the responsibility of the Association. Information in the newsletter has
been obtained and listed with care from sources deemed reliable, but its correctness is not guaranteed.

Current Board of Directors:-Jenn Kolk, President; Tara Irons-Past President; Chris Waldron-Vice President; Stephanie Horton-Secretary; Diana Thate Treasurer; Todd Matia; Larry Blevins; Karen Heun; Kody Miller


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January 31 2024

Candy Vandenberg, Ent Credit Union, with guest presenter, Paula Levy

Paula Levy has made it her life’s work to support caregivers and their loved ones living with brain change. She will be sharing her new nonprofit – A Place Like Home Adult Day Program – which will be serving caregivers and their loved ones throughout our community and beyond in the near future.

Don’t miss it!


Greeter:  Who wants to greet smiley faces next week? Let me know.  7am to 7:40am


January 24, 2024

Thank you to Eddie Hurt for today’s real estate update!

Eddie brought great energy to his presentation, once again, and enlightened us on all that is happening in the real estate world!




Todd Matia– Ryan Malnar, personal injury attorney at Malnar Law

Diana Thate– Kim Tran, Teapioca Lounge (your favorite drink shop)

Greg Swartz– Drew Lints, Confluence Marketing (marketing automation software)

Chris Sommer– Jessica Cardona, Mirasol Greenhouse Homes

Brenda Speer– Melissa Nowlin, Coldwell banker in Woodland Park

Nancy Kelly– Gail Irving 

Paul Hasty– Mr. Pilar, The Happy Plumber


January 25-Kim Griffis, Visit COS

Congrats to Todd Matia who won today’s $25 Execs gift certificate from ERA Shields/Eddie & Michelle 


Notes from your executive director:

 At this month’s board meeting, the board: 

Opened the category of ‘Plumber’ for Pilar Chavarria, the Happy Plumber.  Pilar is sponsored by Paul Hasty, Tint Technologies.  Should you have any qualified/best in class plumbers who might like to compete for the category, please bring them as a guest!  As always, it is the goal of Execs to bring in best in class for each category.  


Mark Peniston, our CPA, will be presenting to Execs soon.  He would like to hear from you….what do you want to know about taxes?!  Please email me and let me know so he can begin tailoring a presentation on the most requested topic!  Email:  director@csea.biz I have only heard from a few of you!  Please respond to me and let me know what you want to know regarding taxes and I’ll forward your requests to him!




  1. None

BUSINESS INFORMATION (information pertaining to members’ businesses):

  1. TECC Painting is offering 10% up to $1,000 off on interior projects. Call 719-577-9300. A freshly painted house interior and exterior thats ready to move into will sell much quicker and for more money. Call TECC Painting and let us help you sell your home or commercial building for more. (TONY ELLIS)

  2. Switchbacks are launching a Business Alliance Group. Ask me for more info. Jtaylor@switchbacksfc.com. (JON TAYLOR)

  3. Interested in microgreens? Jesse begins today on creating a timeline video of the micro green from start to harvest. (KEVIN HOLT)

  4. Go skiing! (MIKE LLOYD)

  5. 26.2 to Life presentation Friday 5-7pm @ The Colorado Running Company! Google “NPR26.2tolife” for a preview/teaser! (JEFF TARBERT)


  1. None


  1. I hope to see you at World Peace and Understanding Luncheon. https://portal.clubrunner.ca/3250/Event/february-2nd-meeting—speaker-leanne-theiman  (TREVOR DIERDORFF)

  2. Jazz Ad lib lab-monthly jam session for young musicians at Carter Payne. Check website for more info at jazz935.org. (STEPHANIE HORTON)

DIRECT LEADS (when you yourself do business w/ a member or someone you referred to a member does business with that member) AND REFERRALS:

  1. Direct lead to JP. (TODD MATIA)

  2. Direct lead to Michael Garrow. (TODD MATIA)

  3. Direct lead to Garden of the Gods Resort, sending family. (CHRIS PELOSO)

  4. Direct lead to TECC Painting. (CAROLINE FLEMING)

  5. Direct lead to Mike at Windshields Express. (KAREN HEUN)

  6. Direct lead to Brooke. Kids loved your cookies. (DIANA THATE)

  7. Direct lead to Ent Credit Union; I’m going to sign up for another CD you’ve  promoted. (MARK COPELIN)

  8. Direct lead to Spencer at Colorado Canyon Signs. (MIKE ESCHLER)

  9. Direct lead to Swartz Electric. Thanks for helping out with our inspection! (JENN KOLK)

  10. Direct lead to Mark Copelin for an office reconstruction we are going to be doing. (TONY ELLIS)

  11. Direct lead to Karen at Advanced Impressions for James Irwin webstore. (GREG SWARTZ)

  12. Direct lead to Adam and Son. (TREVOR DIERDORFF)

  13. Direct lead to Advanced Impressions. (TREVOR DIERDORFF)

  14. Direct lead to Coaltrain. (TREVOR DIERDORFF)

  15. Direct lead to Ent Credit Union. (STEVE NYRHINEN)

  16. Direct lead to Todd Matia, ongoing. (STEVE NYRHINEN)

  17. Direct lead to Advanced Impressions. (ANGIE PETERS)

  18. Direct lead to Sasquatch Cookies. (ANGIE PETERS)

  19. Direct lead to Coaltrain. (ANGIE PETERS)

  20. Direct lead to Tint Technologies. (ANGIE PETERS)

  21. Direct lead to Focus on the Family. (DON MOON)

  22. Direct lead to CO Canyon Signs/Spencer. (DIANE INGOLIA)

  23. Direct lead to City Glass. (DIANE INGOLIA)

  24. Direct lead to Ent. (BERNARD SANDOVAL)

  25. Direct lead to WestCo. (BERNARD SANDOVAL)

  26. Direct lead to The Gazette. (BERNARD SANDOVAL)

  27. Direct lead to Payroll City. (BERNARD SANDOVAL)

  28. Direct lead to Waste Management. (BERNARD SANDOVAL)

  29. Direct lead to Windshields Express. (SALLY AVENT)

  30. Direct lead to Coaltrain. (SPENCER SWANN)

  31. Direct lead to Christy Sports. I just bought an awesome Smith Vantage ski helmet for my son from Mike. Also bought a new and much needed pair of goggles for me. Mike runs a great store. Jim and I buy all our ski equipment from him! (PEGGY MCKINLAY)


  1. None


  1. None         


  1. Thanks for recent print orders from KCME and ADD STAFF. (CHRIS PELOSO)

  2. Thank you Syntrak for letting me help you with business insurance! (JP WEST)

  3. Thank you Brittany for the referral of 38 North Construction. (TONY ELLIS)

  4. Thank you Mark Copelin for the painting projects at your new show rooms at OS schools. (TONY ELLIS)

  5. Jen, thanks for bringing Ash! Good guy! Glad he is part of your team. (TODD MATIA)

  6. Thanks for the intel Jenn and Joe. I appreciate your guidance. (STEVE NYRHINEN)

  7. Thanks to Todd Matia for meeting with me. (BERNARD SANDOVAL)

  8. Thanks Eddie! (SPENCER SWANN)

  9. Thanks Tony Ellis! (SPENCER SWANN)

  10. Thanks Jeff Tarbert! (SPENCER SWANN)

  11. Thanks Furry Friends for making our dog look so good! (BROOKE ORIST)

  12. Big thank you to Jim Smith who invited me to present at COS Kiwanis last week. Great organization. (JOHN COLE)

  13. Steve N-thanks for the lead. (TERRENCE VANSANT)

  14. Thank you for the lead Alice. (CHRIS WALDRON)

  15. Thank you Chris/American Printing for your help with signage. (MIKE GARROW)

  16. Thank you Trevor with Amnet for meeting to discuss our IT issues. (MIKE GARRROW)


  1. Tony at TECC, I’ll call you on the office needs. Thanks for alerting me to the need. (MARK COPELIN)

  2. Wayne, I owe you big time for the referral and I’m looking forward to saving your association a fortune as well! (JP WEST)

  3. Karen Heun, don’t let me forget…I need to order more pens. (JP WEST)

  4. Joe Roybal, past sheriffs have hardly showed up after election. I appreciate you being here often! (STEVE NYRHINEN)

  5. Looking forward to making some signs for Mike at Windshields Express. (SPENCER SWANN)

  6. Excited to have Jesse with Scoop Creative video our wedding! (BROOKE ORIST)


  1. None


  1. None


  1. Eddie, great presentation! Lots of good info. (JENN KOLK)

  2. Eddie, I always enjoy your presentations. Thanks! (STEVE NYRHINEN)

  3. Great to learn more about Eddie Hurt. (BERNARD SANDOVAL)

  4. Thanks for the great information on current real estate, Eddie! If anyone is planning on relocating this year, give me a call. I can help with moving ‘pain’! (MAT LAFLEUR)

  5. Eddie Hurt-fun and informative program. (NANCY KELLY)

  6. Good information Eddie. Thank you! (CANDY VANDENBERG)

  7. Great, informative program Eddie. (TERRENCE VANSANT)

  8. Thanks Eddie for an interesting and informative update! (JIM SMITH)

  9. Thanks for a great presentation Eddie! (JESSE CARILLO)