January 25, 2023

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Tricia Muehlbauer, Executive Director

 PO Box 7585 Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7585
Telephone: 719-291-5545; Fax: 719-213-2693
Email: director@csea.biz
Website: www.csea.biz

Current Board of Directors:Tara Irons-President; Kim Griffis-Past President; 

Larry Blevins-Vice President; Jenn Kolk-Secretary; JP West-Treasurer; 

Angie Peters; Jim Little; Karen Heun; Kody Miller

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February 1, 2023

Brooke Orist, Sasquatch Cookies

Brooke Orist, founder of Sasquatch Cookies, our newest member, is excited to present next week! She will share with us a bit about herself, her company and the impact that gift giving has on sales/customer satisfaction.  Don’t miss it!


Greeter-Chris Waldron

January 25, 2023

Thank you to Don Moon for his presentation today on Vietnam.  As a student of history, Don has been researching the question of why we were involved in Vietnam in the 1960’s and 70’s. He shared the history and how it covers so much more than just the conflict and that short period of time. It was not a story of war but a story of missed opportunities and lack of insight, and how we could have done better.




Brenda Speer– Renita Wolf, Poe Wolf Partners (exit planning advisor)

Spencer Swann– John Eden, Senior VP/D.A. Davidson (submitting application for membership)

JP West– Todd Matia, Ben Wojchik


BIRTHDAYS: Happy birthday to Kim Griffis, today!!!

DOORPRIZE: Congrats to Dan OSinski who won a $25 gift certificate from Don Moon.



Notes from your executive director:

At last week’s board meeting, the board:

The board opened the classification of ‘Wealth Fiduciary’ for Todd Matia, Harvey Investment Management.  Todd is sponsored by JP West, WestCo Insurance.  Should you know of anyone who desires to compete for this category, please bring them as a guest.  All applications submitted by next month’s board meeting (February 8) will be voted on on that day.  Applicants will need to interview on February 8 after the breakfast meeting.  Currently, we have four interested candidates:  Todd Matia, Harvey Investment Management; Brenda Lammers, Altus Wealth Group; Michael Garcia, Garcia Wealth Advisory Group and John Eden D.A. Davidson


The board acknowledged the cancellation of membership by American Medical Response, Cascade Investments and Springs Ideal Weight loss.


I would like to schedule greeters for the next several weeks!  Who wants to greet?  7am-7:40 each week.  Let me know and I’ll sign you up!



  1. None

BUSINESS INFORMATION (information pertaining to members’ businesses):

  1. Our website has been updated: www.weathercraftroofingco.com. (CAROLINE FLEMMING)
  2. Rates are hitting the lowest point in the last four months! Call me if you need additional info. (KODY MILLER)
  3. Single-use to-go containers are next on the Colorado outlaw list. (DAVID PEREZ)
  4. Spring is coming! Get your shoes on and get outside. Great shoes and all the accessories and clothing needed for comfortable winter and springtime running at The Colorado Running Company! Shop locally! (JEFF TARBERT)
  5. We are pleased to announce several new customers: The McClellan School in Pueblo, Victory Worship Center on S. Academy Blvd, The P.P. Construction at the Lincoln School on N. Tejon St. (DAVID HORWITZ)
  6. Picnic Basket Catering is offering Valentine’s Romantic Dinner for Two, including a gourmet four-course dinner you can have delivered, pick it up, or have it prepared at your home. Execs get a 10% discount. (KATHY DREILING)
  7. There will be an online auction starting soon featuring the artwork of the artist Maia. See some of her work at www.Maijatheartist.com. (KEVIN HOLT)
  8. Let JetEx save you 30% to 50% on your ink and toner cartridges. All cartridges are guaranteed! Call or email me. 719-578-5533.kristine.simon@jetexinc.com.(KRISTINE SIMON)
  9. If you or someone you know is wanting a new family pet, please consider adoption! Rescued is the best breed and I can recommend some GREAT local rescues! (BILL HUFFOR)

10. Here are some new deals for upcoming shows at the Pikes Peak Center: CHURCHILL Starring David Payne – Multiple Shows, 2/17-19/23 – Pikes Peak Center – Save 50% per ticket! Promo code: COMMUNITY23 In this often funny, sometimes touching and always engaging one-man-show… veteran British actor, David Payne brings Churchill to life onstage. Audiences will be delighted to hear of his exploits during the Boer War, his constant battles with Britain’s fellow politicians, and his special relationship with America and America’s presidents. But most telling of all, Churchill enlightens the audience with intimate and touching details of the two special women in his life—his wife Clementine and Queen Elizabeth.  THE MUSIC OF JOHN WILLIAMS – Multiple Shows 3/10-11/23 – Pikes Peak Center – Save 20% per ticket for all CS Philharmonic shows! Promo code: COMMUNITY23 Reconnect with otherworldly music that has sparked imagination for decades. John Williams’ compositions stand the test of time in an unforgettable concert night. (Conductor: Thomas Wilson)  BLACK PANTHER IN CONCERT – Multiple Shows 4/14-15/23 – Pikes Peak Center – Save 20% per ticket for all CS Philharmonic shows! Promo code: COMMUNITY23 Marvel Studios’ Black Panther became a global sensation, showing a new dimension of what superhero films could be. In this live-cinema event, relive the excitement of T’Challa becoming king and battling Killmonger accompanied LIVE by the Philharmonic performing Ludwig Göransson’s Oscar®-winning score.  NEXT WEEK! TOOTSIE (Broadway) – Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2023 – 20% off discount available Promo code: COMMUNITY23 Call it “musical comedy heaven” (Rolling Stone). Call it “the most uproarious new musical in years!” (The Hollywood Reporter). Call it TOOTSIE! This laugh-out-loud love letter to the theater tells the story of Michael Dorsey, a talented but difficult actor who struggles to find work until one show-stopping act of desperation lands him the role of a lifetime.The member promo code COMMUNITY23 will work for any event with a SUPER GROUP button on this website – broadmoorworldarena.com/supergroup. If you have a group of 10 or more, call Brandon Ellis directly and he’ll help get tickets for shows at The Broadmoor World Arena and Pikes Peak Center! 719-477-2102  (JEFF LAPSANSKY)


  1. None


  1. CS Philharmonic Guild Winter Dinner is Wed. Feb. 22nd at 6pm at the Pikes Peak Center. Tickets and sponsorships are available. Email Stephanie Horton at shorton@kcme.org. (STEPHANIE HORTON)
  2. Wine Festival March 2nd-4th. Grand tasting Friday. $125/ticket at the Broadmoor. Benefits the Conservatory. Tickets for grand tasting available on the Conservatory website. (DAN OSINSKI)

DIRECT LEADS (when you yourself do business w/ a member or someone you referred to a member does business with that member) AND REFERRALS:

  1. Direct lead to Furry Friends. (DIANA THATE)
  2. Repetitive direct leads for my pup to Furry Friends.  Bill-I love Heather as our groomer!  She’s the best. (TRICIA MUEHLBAUER)
  3. Direct lead/closed business to Brightway Insurance.  Thanks for three policies.  (TRICIA MUEHLBAUER)
  4. Direct lead to Kody Miller, Guaranteed Rate.  I sent my neighbor to you for a loan for her son.  (TRICIA MUEHLBAUER)
  5. Direct lead to American Printing. (DIANA THATE)
  6. Direct lead to Kevin Holt. Please send me the link to your wife’s auction. (KIM GRIFFIS)
  7. Direct lead to Brooke Orist with Sasquatch Cookies. (KIM GRIFFIS)
  8. Direct lead to Chris Waldron. (CAROLINE FLEMING)
  9. Direct lead to Mike Eschler. Sent a client your way. (KODY MILLER)
  10. Direct lead to Bill Huffor at Furry Friends. Our puppy Ajax was groomed yesterday and they did a great job as always. (TREVOR DIERDORFF)
  11. Direct lead to JetEx, Kristine Simon, for toner. (CHRIS WALDRON)
  12. Direct lead to The Gazette, ongoing. (STEPHANIE HORTON)
  13. Direct lead to City Glass. (DIANE INGOLIA)
  14. Direct lead to Karen Heun. A friend of mine is looking for some embroidery work. (MAT LAFLEUR)
  15. Direct lead to Coaltrain. (DAN OSINSKI)
  16. Direct lead to Advanced Impressions. (DAN OSINSKI)
  17. Direct lead to Cravings/Picnic Basket. (DAN OSINSKI)


  1. None


  1. Congratulations to Tara for your presidency! (KIM GRIFFIS)  
  2. Congratulations to Tara as new president! (NANCY KELLY)                            


  1. Thanks to JP and the Execs for welcoming me! (BROOKE ORIST)
  2. Thank you to Kim Griffis for an outstanding job as President of Execs! And Happy Birthday! (NANCY KELLY)
  3. Thank you Kevin for the parking info! (DAVID PEREZ)
  4. Thanks for the recent print order from Tara at PhilanthroCorp. (CHRIS PELOSO)
  5. Appreciation to Dan Adams at Adam and Son Auto Repair for checking in on me and my car! (CHRIS PELOSO)
  6. Thank you Chris Waldron, Terry Collinson, Visit COS and Palmer High School (District 11) for your recent cartridge purchase! We appreciate you and your business! (KRISTINE SIMON)
  7. Thank you Josh (Lee)/Weidner Field, Switchbacks. (DAN OSINSKI)
  8. Thank you Eddie Hurt and Michelle. (DAN OSINSKI)
  9. Thank you Kody Miller. (DAN OSINSKI)


  1. Trish, thanks for letting us quote you. (JENN KOLK)
  2. Great to see Dan Osinski and Kathy Dreiling! (BRENDA SPEER)
  3. Bill Huffor, I have a sample banner for you! (SPENCER SWANN)
  4. Happy Birthday Kim! (DIANE INGOLIA)
  5. Sasquatch Cookies, let’s chat about cookies for marketing my community. (CHRIS SOMMER)
  6. Looking for an introduction to the head of school at Pikes Peak Christian School. Please call me at 719-502-6075. (DAVID HORWITZ)
  7. I received a message through our website from a former member’s son and wanted to share it with you all.  This points to one of the reasons Execs is special to members….although many of you may not remember Malcolm Duffek, please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.  Here is what he wrote:  Dear Colorado Springs Executives Association, I wanted to let you know that my father, Malcolm Duffek, passed away last Monday evening.  Although he moved away from Colorado Springs over 20 years ago, he had been active in your organization, talked often of his interactions with others in the meetings, and always appreciated the fellowship.  For some reason, he had the March 2000 member list/roster for your organization out on the top of his drawer of important papers.  Believing that the Lord has a purpose in these things, I wanted to send you this notice.  He had been dealing with a variety of health issues over the past several years, and he was very diligent to address those through his doctors and continued moving.  Being a man of Christian faith, he always appreciated prayers and words of encouragement. We commit him to the Lord and covet your prayers.  We will plan to have a memorial service at his church sometime in the near future. Best regards, Bryant Duffek (TRICIA MUEHLBAUER) (His business was Color Microimaging Corporation.)


  1. Michelle Talarico, co-owner of Picnic Basket, is running for City Council District 3- Champion for Small Business and would appreciate your vote April 3rd. (KATHEY DREILING)
  2. Friday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It was the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Over 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust, 6 million Jewish people and 5 million others. Please go on The Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance Website, http://www.thegreenbergcenter.org to see Dianne Derby from KOAA TV, NBC interviewing me and my husband David. If we forget the past, we will repeat it. If you’d like to check out the Courage to Remember Holocaust Exhibit from the Simon Wiesenthal Center at the Library on Union, contact me and we’ll make that happen. Great for religious organizations and schools. It comes with a curriculum guide, books and DVDs of local Holocaust survivors, most who have passed. (PAULETTE GREENBERG)


  1. Construction will begin soon on Artspace, a 60-unit apartment complex for artists, at 315 E. Costilla St. (WAYNE HEILMAN)
  2. New outdoor footwear store in Woodland Park: Zebz Outfooter. (JESSY VANDYNE)


  1. Thank you Don for a very informative presentation. (DIANA THATE)
  2. Thanks Don for an interesting presentation! (KIM GRIFFIS)   
  3. Good history. Thanks Don! (JIM SMITH)
  4. Don Moon, always great talks! Thank you for your knowledge and enthusiasm. (NANCY KELLY)
  5. Great presentation, Don! (KODY MILLER)
  6. Great history Don. Thank you. (JOHN GATTO)
  7. Thanks Don Moon. Thanks for serving! (SPENCER SWANN)
  8. Thank you Don! Amazing presentation. (DIANE INGOLIA)
  9. Don Moon, your presentation was amazing. Your knowledge of many subjects is phenomenal. Thanks for sharing with us. (KEVIN HOLT)
  10. Very interesting program. (LARRY BLEVINS)