January 18, 2023

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Tricia Muehlbauer, Executive Director

 PO Box 7585 Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7585
Telephone: 719-291-5545; Fax: 719-213-2693
Email: director@csea.biz
Website: www.csea.biz

Current Board of Directors:Tara Irons-President; Kim Griffis-Past President; 

Larry Blevins-Vice President; Jenn Kolk-Secretary; JP West-Treasurer; 

Angie Peters; Jim Little; Karen Heun; Kody Miller

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January 25, 2023

Don Moon, retired member, with a presentation on Vietnam

As a student of history, I have been researching the question of why we were involved in Vietnam in the 1960’s and 70’s but the history covers so much more than just the conflict and that short period of time. This is not a story of war but a story of missed opportunities and lack of insight, and how we could have done better. There will not be many laughs but there will be good information.

Greeter-to be determined

January 18, 2023

Thank you to the Gazette for today’s presentation on all that the Gazette offers.  Michael Greene, Jessica Van Dyne and Tammy Fogall each shared a unique aspect of the Gazette with us.  



JP West– Todd Matia and Brooke Orist 

Michael Greene– Tammy Fogall

Stephanie Horton– Colin Christofferson, Christofferson Commercial Builders


DOORPRIZE: Congrats to Brenda Speer who won a gift card to Colorado Mountain Brewery, from the Gazette.

Notes from your executive director:

At today’s board of directors meeting, the board:

Elected Tara Irons, PhilanthroCorp, as President; Larry Blevins, American Business Brokers, as Vice President and Jenn Kolk, Brightway Insurance, as Secretary.  JP West, WestCo Insurance, will continue as treasurer through June 2023.  

Thank you to Dan Adam, Spencer Swann and Brenda Speer who have completed their terms on the board.  We appreciate your service!

Approved Primary membership for Brooke Orist,Sasquatch Cookies!  Brooke is sponsored by JP West, WestCo Insurance.  Welcome Brooke! And thank you, JP, for sponsoring her!  JP will receive a $50 gift certificate to spend with any Exec!

Approved changes in membership, where Jessie VanDyne, the Gazette, replaces Michael Greene who will step away from Execs as he concentrates on other areas at the Gazette.  The board also approved Associate membership for Tammy Fogall, who replaces Jessie VanDyne.  Welcome, Tammy!  We are happy to have you join Execs!

Jessie, we are thrilled to have you as the Primary member for the Gazette!  Michael, we are so sad to see you step away from Execs and will look forward to you visiting in the future!

The board acknowledged the cancellation of membership by Cascade Investment Group, category ‘Financial Planner.’  Cascade has enjoyed being a member for so very many years but is unable to find anyone to attend.

The board opened the classification of ‘Wealth Fiduciary’ for Todd Matia, Harvey Investment Management.  Todd is sponsored by JP West, WestCo Insurance.  Should you know of anyone who desires to compete for this category, please bring them as a guest.  All applications submitted by next month’s board meeting (February 8) will be voted on on that day.  Any applicants will need to interview on February 8 as well.  

The board acknowledged the cancellation of membership by American Medical Response.  


  1. In Woodland Park there is a restaurant that is under new ownership. The name is Over Ice and it is located in the Courtyard Hotel. They are located near City Market and the Dollar Store. (KEVIN HOLT)

  2. Auto Nation has acquired Colorado Springs Dodge, Pikes Peak Acura and Preferred Pre-owned from Moreland Auto Group (Dealin’ Doug). (WAYNE HEILMAN)

  3. Rocky Mountain Brewery will close February 4th. (WAYNE HEILMAN)

  4. Social SEO has changed its name to Internet Digital to reflect the broader scope of its services. (WAYNE HEILMAN) 

BUSINESS INFORMATION (information pertaining to members’ businesses):

  1. We’re having a winter sale! Book through February 28th and get 15% off for Execs members and 10% off for everyone else! (JONMARC RADSPINNER)

  2. We offer residential and office moves. Mike Armetta, our office move specialist, visited Execs today. Thanks for the warm welcome. (MAT LAFLEUR)

  3. VOTE! Best of the Springs voting will be over before you know it. (MICHAEL GREENE)

  4. Best time to paint your interior? Winter. TECC Painting offers its best deals this time of year! 719-577-9300. (TONY ELLIS)

  5. The Gazette will host a free town hall on fighting crime together at 5:30pm Jan. 24 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel (1775 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd). For more information, go to www.gazette.com/crime. (WAYNE HEILMAN)

  6. Run 101 classes are held each Tuesday at 6pm at CRC. They’re open to all. Check social media or call the store for info at 719-6353833. (JEFF TARBERT)

  7. JetEx will match and most times beat any box store price! Call or email me for a quote. 719-578-5533. kristine.simon@jetexinc.com. JetEx provides FREE same-day delivery. (KRISTINE SIMON)


  1. None


  1. None

DIRECT LEADS (when you yourself do business w/ a member or someone you referred to a member does business with that member) AND REFERRALS:

  1. Direct lead to Michael Green at The Gazette re. Out There Colorado. (KIM GRIFFIS)

  2. Direct lead to Chris Waldron…headshots for our own website. (TONY ELLIS)

  3. Direct lead to Spencer Swann/Canyon Signs-QR codes for the back of TECC Painting vans. Think ‘fresh, clean and new again’! (TONY ELLIS)

  4. Direct lead to WestCo from Swartz Electric. JP let’s do this! (GREG SWARTZ)

  5. Direct lead to Furry Friends. (TREVOR DIERDORFF)

  6. Direct lead to Coaltrain. (TREVOR DIERDORFF)

  7. Direct lead to Payroll City, ongoing. (STEPHANIE HORTON)

  8. Direct lead to Swartz Electric for wind damage repair on a building. (DON GOEDE)

  9. Direct lead to Colorado Canyon Signs. (TARA IRONS)

  10. Direct lead to Joe Wilson at A Healthy Smile Dental Center. (LARRY BLEVINS)

  11. Direct lead to The Gazette, ongoing (BRENDA SPEER)

  12. Direct lead to Coaltrain. (MICHELLE BLESSING)

  13. Direct lead to Colorado Running Company. (MICHELLE BLESSING)


  1. TECC Painting Co. Is looking for an Accounting Manager, Receptionist and a Production Manager Assistant. Please contact Tony Ellis: tonyellis@teccpainting.com. (TONY ELLIS)


  1. None        


  1. Thanks to all my Exec patients! (JOE WILSON)

  2. Thanks, Angie Peters, for sending Chad Reiner our way! (JENN KOLK)

  3. Thanks Coaltrain for the special order. (JENN KOLK)

  4. Thanks Tara! (SPENCER SWANN)

  5. Thanks Bill for the opportunity to make you a banner for “Stubby’s”. (SPENCER SWANN)

  6. Thank you Tony Ellis. (CHRIS WALDRON)

  7. Thanks to David Horwitz of Colorado Springs Cleaning Supply for recent orders. (CHRIS PELOSO)

  8. A big thank you to Payroll City and Palmer High School (School District 11) for your recent orders. We appreciate you! (KRISTINE SIMON)


  1. Nancy, I look forward to our meeting today. (JOSH MIDDLETON)

  2. Welcome to the new board members. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the board. Please remember if you are good enough to be in Execs, you are good enough to serve on the board. (SPENCER SWANN)

  3. I voted in “Best of” website. I actually knew some of the participants! I also covered any Execs on the list! (SPENCER SWANN)

  4. Good to see Mike from Arrow Moving here today. We are teaming on a job coming up soon. (MARK COPELIN)

  5. Christy Sports/Mike-I’ll swing by as I have another product that I need to purchase for skiing. (MARK COPELIN)

  6. Nice seeing David Horwitz yesterday who was taking his 90 year old neighbor to the hearing aid experts. Great to help “seniors” who need help. Hats off to David! :) (PAULETTE GREENBERG)


  1. I have some of my “mother’s” gold jewelry that I would like to sell. Does anyone have the name of someone who I could take it to? Please call me at 719-598-7004 or email me at dpgreenberg1@msn.com. (PAULETTE GREENBERG)

  2. One of my vendors from when I had Signed, Sealed and Delivered Buying Service asked me if there is a consignment store in Colorado Springs where she could take her sample purses and jewelry. If you know a place, please call me at 719-598-7004 or email me at dpgreenberg1@msn.com. Any help would be appreciated. (PAULETTE GREENBERG)


  1. None


  1. Michael Green- great presentation. We devour The Gazette seven days a week. Keep up the good journalism. (NANCY KELLY)    

  2. Good job Michael! (SPENCER SWANN)

  3. Great presentation! (WAYNE HEILMANN)

  4. Thank you Michael and Tammy and Jessie for the information about what’s happening at The Gazette. (BRENDA SPEER)

  5. I agree that local journalism is vital to all communities. Thank you for the wonderful presentation Michael, Tammy and Jessica. (MICHELLE BLESSING)